Kidsafe Qld can supply modified and compliant Australian Standard Car Seats for children with disabilities and medical conditions as well as specialty harnesses. We offer consultations on how children with special needs can travel safely in vehicles. Kidsafe is a registered provider of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


AS/NZS 4370

The AS/NZS 4370 provides a safe restraint guide for children with disabilities and/or medical conditions who are required to use modified approved child car seats, imported specialty seats, postural harnesses, behavioural harnesses, or harnesses allowing children to lie across the back seat to travel safely in a vehicle. This Standard is referenced in the Queensland Road Rules and children 7 years and under must be seated according to this Standard and the prescriber's flow chart must be followed. For more information contact


Occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Occupational therapists and physiotherapists are encouraged to complete a Type 1 Fitters Course as a prerequisite for a 1-day Course on Seating Children with Disabilties and Medical Conditions -  covering S/NZS 4370, types of Australian Child Car Restraints suitable for use for children with disabilities, how to modify compliant restraints, specialty harnesses and more. 

Specialty hire seats for hip spica plasters

Kidsafe Queensland supplied modified child car restraints for children with hip spica plasters, shoulder plasters and burns splints. Contact for more information.