School Safety

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Preventable accidents are the number one killer of Australian children.  The second most prevalent area for accidents after the home, is the school.

Safety in Schools Week has been developed by Kidsafe Queensland to encourage and help children, particularly in primary school years, to identify and think about potential hazards wherever they are, and to know what to do about them.  While child safety is primarily the responsibility of adults, this week recognizes that children have the capacity to identify hazards in their environment themselves once they are made aware of safety issues.  The aim is to help them learn how to have fun while being aware of, and avoiding, potential hazards and the consequences of risky behaviours.

Choose a week to suit your schedule or use the resources for wet weather days or end of term.

Participating schools can download:

Kidsafe Qld wants Queensland schools and Queensland Students to be 'As Safe As Possible' (asap)!