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Falls are the leading cause of childhood injury related hospitalisation. Explorative play is an important part of a child’s development, so knowing how best to support your child during these activities is important. Kidsafe Qld offers a Playground Advisory Service, Consultation and Advice Services.

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the key safety risks for kids we target are:

Playground safety

Sport safety

Backyard safety

Trampoline safety

Pool safety


playground advisory services and Safety checks

Consultation Service

Simple information can be provided by phone and email or a Playground Consultant can visit your playground to discuss safety and design ideas to enhance children’s play and learning.

Operational or Comprehensive Inspections/Risk Assessments

Our accredited Playground Consultant can inspect your playground for compliance against the Australian Standards and provide a written report with prioritised recommendations.

Review of Plans

The PAS can review your plans to give design advice, identify potential hazards and ensure quality play options for children. Playground plans are reviewed for compliance with current Australian Safety Standards and a written report is provided with recommendations.

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playground safety training

Playgrounds can offer children and families lots of opportunity for fun and learning - but serious playground injury is no fun at all. 

Kidsafe Qld's Playground Advisory Service (PAS) provides a range of services to help you create and maintain play spaces that support children's development, learning, health and wellbeing while reducing the risk of serious injury. 

Our Playground Advisor has a range of qualifications and experience and have worked with child care, schools, community groups and local government over many years. 

He is also an accredited Level 2 & 3 Playground Inspector.