Home Play

Useful tips for making play at home safe.



Locate play equipment in an area that is densely shaded when children are most likely to play

Shade should provide a dark shadow. Use the shadow cast by your house, a structure or vegetation. Be aware of reflective surfaces

Be a good role model and always dress yourself and children in broad brim hats, protective clothing, apply (and reapply) sunscreen regularly (No Hat No Play)

Keep children out of the sun between 10am and 3pm when UV rays are strongest


There are no laws covering the equipment children can play on in their own back yard. There are Australian Standards for domestic equipment, but few manufacturers cater to the domestic market. Family Day Care providers should check with their licensed local scheme for specific requirements. Soft surfacing is necessary under all play equipment; however, a rule of thumb for the back yard is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable dropping to your knees from a standing position on that surface? If you have home built equipment in your yard, do check it and keep in mind the following points.