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Our Vision

"To make a safer world for kids by leading the promotion of action to highlight and to minimise the unacceptable level of risk and consequence of injury to children in our adult-focused world."

Our Mission

"To prevent child deaths from unintentional injury and reduce the number and severity of unintentional injuries to children aged less than 15 years, through education, research, advocacy and environmental, legislative and behaviour change."

Our constitution, which details our legal ambit, can be found on the ACNC website.

Our Colleagues

CAPFA Board & Kidsafe CEOs - 2017

CAPFA Board & Kidsafe CEOs - 2017

Kidsafe operates as independent organisations in all states and territories in Australia, but under a common and cooperative alliance known as the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (CAPFA) - which is sometimes referred to as Kidsafe Australia.

One of our Directors sits on the Board of CAPFA which meets regularly throughout each year.

The CEOs also enjoy a close working and cooperative relationship and meet regularly to coordinate effort, resources and research..


On a wider scale, we are also a partner of Safe Kids Worldwide which was founded in 1988 and works with an extensive network of partners in more than 30 countries to reduce traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more.

Performance and Governance


As a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Nonprofit Commission, our annual reports and other legal information can be found on the ACNC website.

We are proud of our steady performance and regularly assess our performance and relevance through reviews and audits. New and expanded services are constantly being implemented for greater impact throughout Queensland.

How We Help

We work to reduce childhood injuries by improving safety at home, play and on the road. We have advisory and inspection services as well as products for hire and for sale. Kidsafe can be found in several locations in Queensland - not just in Brisbane.


One our proud achievements is being registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and we particularly assist families with solutions to transporting children via specialised assessment and fitting products and services.


Media News

Everyday, something happens to a child that we need to share to alert or remind parents and carers of new ways to keep their children safe - whether in the home, whilst traveling or at play. 

We use several platforms and media to ensure we get the word out as widely as possible to reduce suffering - please help us by sharing also - you may save a life.

As a recognised authority on child safety, we are often sought by media to provide expert opinion. Media are requested to contact us via our form for non-urgent opinion or via our office number for quick response comments.


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Other media:



Kidsafe Queensland is born out of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (CAPFA) which was established in 1979. The original logo (which is now the "i" in the Kidsafe logo) was launched nationally on TV in 1981 and represents an adult caring for a child. The accompanying message was "Child Safety is No Accident". The use of the logo was licensed to some partnering organisations nationally and internationally.

Kidsafe Queensland was incorporated in August 2003 when CAPFA migrated to a federated national body. At this time, Kidsafe Queensland supported the transition by hosting the national office and providing the national leadership with Associate Professor Fred Leditschke as President and the administrative and financial functions being provided through Kidsafe Queensland also.

KIDSAFE is an independent not-for-profit, non government, community organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional injury and injury death in children from birth to 16 years of age.

We keep kids OUT of hospital!

We provide resources, information and education to parents, carers, early childcare workers and others who care for children, on the hazards children face and what can be done to prevent these injuries occurring and minimise the severity of the injury.

Kidsafe operates at national, state and regional levels and in co-operation with government, industry, schools, hospitals, the media, community groups, voluntary organisations and individuals.

Kidsafe prepares programs and campaigns to alert the media, the authorities and the community at large about new and existing dangers, trends in injuries, the latest research and methods for reducing injury. Additionally, we provide a one-stop-safety-product shop conveniently located at Kidsafe House with an array of products on display and for sale to prevent injuries to babies, toddlers and children.

Kidsafe actively participates on advisory committees and boards for Australian Standards on products and services relating to children, safe travel and injury prevention committees to further understand the mechanisms of injuries, to develop prevention strategies and advocate for legislative changes where necessary and appropriate.

We can only continue our advocacy, education and media campaigns with the support of donations, partnerships, collaborations, sponsorship and government grants. We invite you to join with Kidsafe and prevent unintentional injury in our children – keeping our most vulnerable little Queenslanders safe, happy and healthy.

You can help by

  • becoming a friend of Kidsafe,

  • donating to Kidsafe,

  • becoming an advocate for Kidsafe,

  • leaving a gift to Kidsafe in your will and joining the Kidsafe Circle of Life bequesters club, or

  • by volunteering at Kidsafe House.

Please call if you are able to help on 3854 1829 or email.

Each day in Queensland 10 children attend emergency departments as a result of an injury, 2 more are admitted. Each year 90,000 Queensland children are either admitted or seek emergency treatment at our public hospitals as a result of a preventable injury and each year 75 kids die from a preventable injury.

Most of these injuries occur at home and at school.

KIDSAFE QUEENSLAND needs your support.

All donations to KIDSAFE QLD INC support our objective of reducing unintentional injury to children.

You can donate to Kidsafe Queensland here.

Read the Kidsafe Queensland Constitution and Kidsafe Queensland Strategic Plan.



Our team works together to deliver our mission and reduce childhood injuries.

Our Patron

The Governor of Queensland is our patron who advocates our cause.

Our vice patrons

Emeritus Professor John Pearn
Emeritus, School of Medicine, University of Queensland
Senior Paediatrician

Professor Roy Kimble
MD (UQ Research), MBCLB, FRCS, FRACS (Paed Surg)
Chair, Clinical Advisory Board, Kidsafe Qld
Past Vice President for Kidsafe Qld (18 years service)

Our Executive

Our executive team is responsible for day to day operations and the Board appoints the CEO who then appoints their operational team

The operations team comprises full and part-time employees, casual staff, volunteers and agents - who work together across an expansive region.

Our Board

Our volunteer Board is responsible for governance and is elected by the members.

Our Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is responsible for compliance and is appointed by the Board.

Our Clinical Advisory Board

Our Clinical Advisory Board provides advice to Kidsafe Queensland on injury prevention and treatment.

Our Committee Members

Committee members are Directors and volunteers from the community who assist the Board advance the Kidsafe cause.

Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors advocate the Kidsafe cause to reduce childhood injuries and are appointed for a fixed term.

Our Partners, Sponsors and Donors

Partners, sponsors and donors believe in the value of our cause and provide vital funding to ensure we reduce suffering to those affected by childhood injury. We are enormously grateful for their generosity to help us focus on delivering vital services rather than focussing on funding.

Follow the partner link to see our supporters.

Follow the team link to read more about our people.